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Hello, my name is Mario.  The founder of Mariomax Hair Extensions in San Diego.

I’ve been a Hair Stylist specializing in Hair Extensions for over 30 years with experience in all aspects of Hair Extensions, beauty supplies, and quality hair products.

My goal is to bring the highest quality hair extensions and hair products to all of San Diego and its visitors. If you are not able to stop by, please visit our online store to view or purchase our products.

This website was created as a service and resource for all your hair extension needs.  I found that many local clients, salons and others wishing to travel to our beautiful city do not know where to buy high-quality San Diego hair extensions.  By providing customers with hair extension products for their day-to-day look or special occasions along with top customer service, (visit our testimonials page) their look is greatly enhanced. If you need hair extensions or have questions, please contact us so we can help answer your questions or make your hair extension selection easier.

Hair Extensions San Diego hopes that you find this site both informative and empowering to encourage you to enhance your look.

While most claim to sell 100% human hair products, they are usually low-quality.  Hair Extensions San Diego by Mariomax uses 100% human hair such as our exclusive Mariomax Remy hair product line.

Hair Extensions San Diego by Mariomax only uses healthy and youthful hair.  We pride ourselves on our extensive control method to ensure exceptional hair quality products. Mariomax technicians ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction so that no tangling occurs. Our goal is to consistently deliver Super Quality, Full Body, Long Life, and Luster in our hair extension products.

MARIOMAX Hair Locks Hair Extensions

The No Heat, No Glue, No Braiding, No Sewing Hair Extension Method

Invented for fine + fragile hair

Hair: Remi full cuticle hair from various European countries and Russia is imported and processed by Hair Locks. Hair is custom ordered for exact match. The hair is re-useable over several applications-sometimes up to 3 years if maintained properly. The hair comes with a wax tip on the end of it.

Attachment: Hair needs to be a minimum of 1-in. long to get these extensions.

Small sections of natural hair and extension hair are pulled thru tiny soft copper locks The lock is crimped with a special tool and closes securing the extension hair in place.

The soft copper locks comes in 4 different sizes. Smaller locks will be used in more visible places and larger locks in less visible places on the head. The Hair Locks extensions will last either 3 months or until 3-inches of growth. Removal of the locks is very easy. A removal tool opens the lock and it can be re-used many times.

Maintenance: A maintenance contract must be read and signed by the client. Details include specifically how to care for the hair, what products to use, not to use and hair appliances. Included in the contract is a Do’s + Don’ts page. that contain wax or oils are not recommended to use on the Hair Locks extensions.

Who shouldn’t get Hair Locks Anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy should not get Hair Locks extensions. Hair Locks recommends getting extensions 3-months after treatment. Also, any one with very brittle hair with lots of breakage is not recommended for these types of extensions.

Hair LOCKS Hair Extensions

You can also apply heat to these extensions — Flat Iron to make The hair extra straight,

You can swim/sauna, exercise, color/perm/relax your hair, wear your hair up in various styles, and use all hot tools without damaging these extensions!

If you plan to try Hair lock extensions, here are the Do’s and Don’ts to make your extensions last as long as possible:

When you first got the extensions in, the strands that the extensions were connected to felt tight, like bobby pins tugging a bit on hair. It took about 2 to 3 days for the tightness to wear off, and ever since then the extensions feel like they were part of my hair. You just had to get used to the placement of the beads, so that I remembered to avoid them as I brushed my hair. When you add a lot of them to your hair, but these are especially great for blue/red/purple/pink/etc. colors because they last a really long time with just a little fading over the course of the 5 months you will had them on. An added bonus is that you don’t have to spend hours at the salon to get colors in your hair — each extension took about 30 seconds to attach using a bead (no heat or glue required).

· Secure the hair with one hand while brushing.
· Always brush the ends first.
· Brush the scalp to keep the extensions clean at the roots.
· Brush the hair before washing or having any chemical service.
· Condition from the ponytail down.
· Use spray conditioners only on the ends to keep them silky.

· Go to bed with wet hair.
· Brush/comb when hair is wet.
· Condition the scalp with heavy conditioners.
· Brush upside down.
· Wash upside down (avoid using a circular motion to lather hair).

If you have special needs, suggestions, feedback or just want to ask a question regarding our hair extensions and beauty products, please don’t hesitate to call or use the Contact Form and I will respond to you as soon as possible



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